Oil spill

Oil spill along the coast is something everyone fears but from time to time large and small accidents happen with serious environmental consequences in form of soiled birds and animals as well as destruction of the coastal areas for a long time.
In addition to physical damage oil spills are also associated with significant costs of cleaning. There are also, a significant number of small spills of fuel from private boats, fishing vessels and other ships that rarely get media coverage.

We have products that can help reduce the extent of damage to fauna and flora, and in addition can reduce clean up costs and the environmental consequences of spills.

The products have been developed to clean and remove oil, diesel and petrol from surfaces. It is secure and safe to use on vegetation and has no impact on surrounding wildlife and pose no risk to users. There is no need to use personal protective equipment and no special precautions are necessary.

G-clean® OSC-1809 is a unique blend of water-based and biodegradable plant materials specifically designed to quickly emulsify and encapsulate fuel and oil spills.

This product group with washing agents for surfaces is identified as a product that cleans and removes oil and hydrocarbons when these have reached the coast and is covering rocks and sand. The products are used primarily on solid surfaces and objects, but can also be used on plants and animals. This product group is the last bastion in the effort to reduce the extent and damages of a spill.

G-clean® OSC 1809 is approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency for use in purification of hydrocarbons by oil, petrol and diesel spills.

Oil spill products

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