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Green Clean Technology AS is pleased to present the G-Clean® product range that clean and degrease as well as optimises production wells. G-Clean® can improve our environment and improve the oil and gas industry’s profitability.

Whether one wants to revive the low or non-producing oil wells, treating fracking water or cleaning and degreasing bulkheads, rigs and equipment the G-clean® products help to make the oil and gas industry cleaner and greener.

Increased energy demand in the world leads to a higher recovery rate of hydrocarbons and more pressure on the oil and gas industry to get more out of existing wells and fields. In addition, public opinion and organisations put additional pressure on the industry to preserve and minimise damage on fragile ecosystems where drilling, production, storing and transportation of oil and gas are taking place.

Huge amounts of chemicals are used every year in “every nook and cranny” in this industry, this range from production chemicals deep in the wells and for washing and cleaning of surfaces and equipment. Many of these chemicals affect the environment negatively and can have damaging consequences for the users if used incorrectly or if proper protection is not worn.
Wouldn’t it be good to avoid such risks? In Green Clean Technology AS we have solutions – solutions that are neither dangerous nor harmful to the environment or the users.

What more could one ask for?

General cleaning, degreasing and tank cleaning

Industrial equipment, surfaces and tanks need to undergo regular cleaning and inspection to maintain proper operation, avoid maintenance problems and reduced storage volume.

Depending what you want to clean in combination with what you want to remove we offer a new type of product group for cleaning and degreasing; G-clean®. These are produced in the US from plants mostly grown there too. They are completely biodegradable alternatives to conventional chemicals and, in addition, they are completely safe for the users.
Traditional forms of cleaning include corrosive cleaners, solvents (including diesel) and steam, separately or in combination. These methods have various disadvantages in terms of human safety and environmental impact.

The products work the same way and supplied in concentrated form and then being diluted and activated on-site with water. The solution is sprayed onto the surfaces with a pressure washer or a low-pressure container. In addition, they are easy to use and only an absolute minimum of personal protective equipment is needed but, of course, the company’s HSE regulations must be followed.
The wash-off is usually biodegradable and, in most cases, there is no need to treat this as hazardous waste so money can be saved here as well.
Upsides using G-clean® are; cost effectiveness, less labour intensive and increased safety for both the user and the environment. There are no downsides!

Products for Cleaning, Degreasing and Tank Cleaning

Scale wash

We also have scale wash in our product range and will come back with more information later. We can tailor-make scale wash depending on the requirements.

Emulsion breakers / Flocculants / Defoamers

We have emulsion breakers, flocculants and defoamers for use in oil and gas production.
Please contact us for more information and evaluation of the type that would be most appropriate to use.

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